RCM #1 Office In Carson City 1st Quarter 2016

RCM has done it again! We’re #1 in Carson City! With two locations and a team of full-time Realtors® serving Carson City and the Carson Valley, we’ve remained a strong competitor for the national franchises in our area. Some have asked why use a local company rather than a franchise. runs a franchise report each year and over the last couple years a significant decrease in the large franchise names has occurred with over 28% closing offices nationally. The number of agents affiliated with a franchise has dropped year after year as well.

We’re all part of the same MLS, using the same websites to send our listings to. The exposure is the same, so use an agent who is experienced, honest, ethical, dedicated and a market expert; an agent who takes pride in their marketing. Use a company who supports their team and who hires agents that are willing to share the information they learn with their colleagues. The owners, staff and agents at RCM Realty Group are committed to the Carson City and Carson Valley communities. Many of our agents have lived in the area their entire lives and are part of many local organizations and exclusive networks.

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